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  • Q. How long will it take to switch?

    A. The actual enrollment process is quick. And typically, potential savings, where applicable, will begin 45 days after you submit your enrollment to FirstEnergy Solutions.

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  • Q. What happens when I leave the electric utility? Will my power supply be interrupted?

    A. No, there will be no interruption to your power supply. The process is seamless, and your reliability and service will not be affected.

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  • Q. Who do I call if I have trouble with my service or if my power goes out?

    A. Your local electric company will be responsible for the delivery of power to your home. Since your local electric utility still owns the wires and poles that deliver power to you, they will continue to read your meter and restore power after an outage.

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  • Q. Why do you charge a cancellation fee?

    A. You’ll find that the majority of suppliers charge cancellation fees. FirstEnergy Solutions’ fee helps cover our costs for any power we have secured in anticipation of serving you.

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  • Q. What information do I need to switch suppliers?

    A. All the information you need is included in your most recent electric bill.

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  • Q. How will I know that I was successfully enrolled?

    A. After you enroll, you will receive a letter from your electric utility confirming that you selected FirstEnergy Solutions as your generation supplier.

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  • Q. If I switch electricity suppliers, will my reliability suffer?

    A. No. Under law, the utility cannot provide different levels of service to customers who receive generation service from an alternative supplier. You will continue to receive the same level of service from your utility, including delivery, emergency response and meter reading.

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  • Q. Are there any costs to enroll?

    A. No, there are absolutely no costs to enroll.

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  • Q: Once I enroll with FirstEnergy Solutions, what happens next?

    A: FirstEnergy Solutions will contact your electric company and notify them of the change. Soon after, your electric company will send you a letter to confirm that you selected FirstEnergy Solutions to be your electric generation supplier.

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  • Q. Is it easy to switch?

    A. Yes, switching to FirstEnergy Solutions is one of the easiest ways to save money when you enroll in one of our savings products.

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  • Q. What happens if I move?

    A. If you plan to move, give us a call. FirstEnergy may be able to offer you a savings product on your electric bill at your new location too!

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  • Q: What exactly am I shopping for?

    A: You are shopping for the company that supplies your electric generation.

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  • Q. What are the benefits of switching energy suppliers?

    A. FirstEnergy Solutions offers different plans to suit your lifestyle and your budget. With FirstEnergy Solutions, you have the power to choose an electric offer that's right for you - whether that's saving money, getting cash back, or locking in a stable price over the long term. Enrolling with us is quick and easy – just have a recent electric bill on hand.

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  • Q. Is my electric utility OK with me buying electricity from other energy suppliers? Will my electric utility lose money if I switch to FirstEnergy Solutions?

    A. Your electric utility company only delivers the electricity to your home or business. Utility companies do not earn a profit on the electricity they deliver. In fact, the utility simply purchases electricity to deliver to the customers who do not switch to an alternative supplier, and the utility passes those costs through to the customer. Customers pay exactly what the utility pays − no more, no less.

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OH/NJ: 1-866-636-3749

Illinois: 1-888-651-5200  


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