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Congratulations from FirstEnergy Solutions and welcome to the neighborhood!

FirstEnergy Solutions is excited to welcome you to your new home by giving you a special price on your electric generation service!

You moved into a neighborhood where you're not stuck paying whatever your electric utility charges you. Now you can choose an alternate electricity supplier to save you money on your electric bill. We know moving can be an exciting, yet sometimes stressful event, so we are making saving money and moving electricity service easy for you!

You'll still receive reliable electric service from your local utility, but for much less money, when you switch to FirstEnergy Solutions. You will continue to receive one bill from your utility, your electricity will be delivered through existing wires and no service visit is necessary.

If you are a current FirstEnergy Solutions Corp. customer and you plan to move, your discount will not AUTOMATICALLY move with you. We would like to keep you as a customer and continue saving you money, so please give us a call about enrolling with us after you have set up your new electric service with the utility. We will let you know what discounts are available for your new electric account.  We can be reached at 1-877-204-9520, or send an email to

New Customers: If you are looking to save money by shopping for an electric supplier, please contact us after you have set up your new electric service with your utility. We can let you know what types of offers are available in your new area.

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Business Electric Savings Program

Why switch to FirstEnergy Solutions?

FirstEnergy Solutions is a company that people have trusted for 15 years. We are one of America’s largest energy suppliers with over 2 million customers in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois, New Jersey, Michigan and Maryland.  Learn more>


Switching FAQs

Q. Is switching worth it?

A. Absolutely. Consider this: Cold weather can mean higher electricity usage. And the sooner you enroll, the longer you can take advantage of special pricing.

Q.  What happens when I leave the electric utility? Will my power supply be interrupted?
A.  No, there will be no interruption to your power supply. The process is seamless, and your reliability and service will not be affected.

Q. What are the benefits of switching energy providers?
A. FirstEnergy Solutions offers different plans to suit your lifestyle and your budget. With FirstEnergy Solutions, you have the power to choose an electric offer that's right for you - whether that's saving money, getting cash back or locking in a stable price over the long term. Enrolling with us is quick and easy – just have a recent electric bill on hand.

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Last Modified: April 21, 2014

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