Save on electricity along with your friends and family

Your company saves with FirstEnergy Solutions. Now you can get exclusive savings in the Friends and Family Program because you’re an employee. And you can pass the savings on.

Watch this short video to see how switching electric suppliers works:

  • How to make an informed decision
  • What happens when you switch
  • How we do business

Choose a name you can trust.

FirstEnergy Solutions is one of America’s largest energy suppliers.

Save on electric bills.
  1. Get an exclusive low price on electric generation that’s not available to the general public.
  1. No service visit is needed, and electricity will still be delivered through existing wires.

Share with friends and family.

  1. Your friends and family are eligible to join because you are employed by a company that works with FirstEnergy Solutions. That means you can share the exclusive savings.
  1. After you enroll, pass the savings on. Simply give the link to this web page to your friends and family. Now they can share this exclusive low price, too.

3 different ways to enroll.

  1. Select your utility from the menu above and complete the online form.
  1. Download the enrollment form to print and mail in.
  1. Call 1-888-254-6526 and speak to a FirstEnergy Solutions representative.

How to enroll

Select your utility from the drop down menu on the upper left. Then you will be directed to your utility’s enrollment page with the enrollment form.

Q. Who is FirstEnergy Solutions?
A. FirstEnergy Solutions is the unregulated, competitive subsidiary of FirstEnergy Corp. and one of the nation’s largest energy suppliers.
Q. Are there any fees for enrolling?
A. FirstEnergy Solutions does not charge you anything to enroll.
Q. How will I know that I was successfully enrolled?
A. After you enroll in the program, you will receive a letter from your electric utility confirming that you selected FirstEnergy Solutions as your generation supplier.
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