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First Energy Solutions

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We’re licensed to service a variety of customers

FirstEnergy Solutions Corp. has been providing electric generation in Ohio since 2001. Our knowledge, experience, and unique solutions have led many top companies to choose us for their electric generation needs.

A Letter of Authorization is all we need to determine if we can save you money on your generation costs.

Providing electric generation to commercial and industrial customers, FirstEnergy Solutions is currently licensed through the following Ohio energy companies:

  • Ohio Edison Company
  • The Toledo Edison Company
  • The Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company (The Illuminating Company)
  • Duke Energy Ohio (formerly Cincinnati Gas & Electric)
  • Columbus Southern (AEP Ohio)
  • Ohio Power (AEP Ohio)
  • Dayton Power and Light

These Ohio electricity companies distribute energy generated by FirstEnergy Solutions to various regions throughout the Buckeye State.

Small and Medium Business Customers


Large Business Customers

Filling out a Letter of Authorization will allow us to gather your account information from your utility so we can provide you with a competitive quote. Click the Download Letter of Authorization button below, provide all the information, and either print and fax it to 1-888-820-1416, or email the completed form using the instructions on the form. With either of these options, you also must include a copy of your most recent electric bill.


If you would like to know more about how our energy is generated, you can view our most recent Environmental Disclosure report.

Last Modified: March 10, 2014

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OH/NJ: 1-866-636-3749

Illinois: 1-888-651-5200  


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