Standard Fixed Price Electricity Product

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Competitive fixed electric price with the ability to lock in a lower price for a small fee, prior to power flow.

Benefit – Receive daily emails from FirstEnergy Solutions for potentially lower prices 

Options – 30, 60 or 90 day option window

PriceLess graph


Priceless energy product with the guaranteed lowest market price during option window, prior to power flow.

Benefit – No need to predict market movement or pay more than original fixed price

Options – 30, 60 or 90 day option window

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Manage usage much like a portfolio – choose amount of consumption and market price during the length of the contract, resulting in a weighted average fixed price.

Benefit – Manage usage prices, start early to lengthen the window and limit market volatility exposure

Options – Can layer consumption up to ten times (five on-peak/five off-peak) with option window as long as 24 months

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Questions about which option is best for your business? Just call us at 1-888-254-4769.

Please see service contracts or enrollment forms for all terms, conditions and charges.


Last Modified: January 19, 2015