Shape Fixed and LMP

The stability of a fixed price product but with the otpion to lock in a different price on the hourly-priced or floating portion of their load at a later time. 

Benefit – Modeled on your actual usage pattern, you choose the percentage of usage you want to purchase at a fixed price, with the option to convert the rest at any point during the life of the agreement.* 

Options – Purchase up to 90% (no less than 10%) of total usage at a fixed price. Conversions occur in multiples of 10%. 


*Additional percentage during contract will be re-cost at current market using historical and original usage.

Shape Fixed and LMP Graph

Market Option

When usage goes above the hourly CBL – which is set to mimic non-weather-sensitive usage pattern – a trigger changes the price from a fixed price to LMP. All usage at or below CBL is at a fixed price regardless of LMP.

Benefit – Weather sensitive customer receives a non-weather sensitive price.  And when LMP is less than energy portion of fixed price and usage is above CBL, customer's price is lowered.


Fixed Block and Variable Price

Portion of your generation supply is purchased at a fixed price. Any usage over that portion is purchased at a variable price.

Benefit – Limits exposure to price spikes, while taking advantage of lower costs during off-peak periods


Fixed price and variable price graph

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Last Modified: December 8, 2014