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For All Business Sizes

Fixed Price for all business sizes
Ideal for customers looking for budget certainty and minimal risk. This is the best electricity option for a business that doesn’t have the time or resources needed to stay on top of changing market prices.
  Standard Fixed Price Product
Lock in your price up front for the budget certainty and risk mitigation your business needs.
  PriceLess Competitive fixed electricity price with the ability to lock in a lower price for a small fee, prior to power flow.
  PerfectStrike Priceless energy product with the guaranteed lowest market price during option window, prior to power flow.
  Layered Manage usage much like a portfolio, choose amount of consumption and market price during the length of the contract, resulting in a weighted average fixed price.
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For Large Businesses

Variable Price for Large Businesses
Great for businesses that have experience purchasing energy-related products and the resources to monitor the energy markets daily.
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Combination for Large Businesses
Great for businesses that need some budget certainty but also want to benefit if market prices decrease.
  Fixed Block and Variable Price Portion of your generation supply is purchased at a fixed price. Any usage over that portion is purchased at a variable price.

Fixed Price On-Peak with Variable Price Off-Peak Fixed price during on-peak hours (7 a.m. – 11 p.m.) and variable price during off-peak hours.
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Green for Large Businesses
The perfect electricity option for businesses that have environmental goals. When you add green to your product mix, you choose the amount of electricity that comes from renewable resources.

  FirstGreens™ Our FirstGreens™ National Wind product has received the Green-e Energy Certification.  Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) produced by wind farms throughout the United States.

SmartWind™ Generated from renewable energy resources and produced by wind farms in the Mid-Atlantic region.

MixedGreens™ Produced by a combination of affordable renewable energy resources located throughout the United States.
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Questions about what option is best for your business?  Just call us at 1-800-977-0500.

Last Modified: March 3, 2014

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