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Does your annual usage exceed 700,000 kWh a year in OH or 1,000,000 kWh in NJ, MD, MI, PA, or IL? See how much you can save. Request a quote
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Business Energy Solutions

Small & Medium Businesses
Is your annual usage below 700,000 kWh a year in Ohio or 1,000,000 kWh in PA, NJ, MD, or IL?  See how much you can save!


Large Businesses

Does your annual usage exceed 700,000 kWh a year in Ohio or 1,000,000 kWh in NJ, MD, MI, PA, or IL?  See how much FirstEnergy Solutions can save you. Request a quote >

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Community Energy Solutions

Some communities work directly with an electric generation supplier to provide savings to the residents and small businesses in their communities. Members in that community are automatically enrolled in the program unless they “opt out”. This is sometimes called Government Aggregation or Municipal Aggregation.

Learn more about Community Energy Solutions.

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FirstEnergy Solutions is now making money-saving electric offers available to residents in New Jersey! For more than 15 years, millions of homes and businesses in Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania have trusted FirstEnergy Solutions to provide them with a variety of competitvely priced electric generation plans to meet their energy needs. We're pleased to be able to bring our industry knowledge and years of experience to serve customers in the Garden State. Click here to learn more about our residential offers.

Only FirstEnergy Solutions let's you lock in today's low electric prices with PriceControl, which is now available to PECO customers as well as a number of other electric utility customers in OH and PA. Simply check the map to see if PriceControl is available in your area. Enroll today and enjoy true budget certainty.

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